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Caux Initiatives for Business(CIB) hosts annual conferences in Caux, Switzerland; Panchgani, India and conducts lectures and seminars as part of a regional outreach programme during the year.

2011 CIB conference, Panchgani, India, 19-23 November 2011

Three years ago, the world faced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. While the depression of the 1920s was largely confined to the USAthe recent crisis was world-wide. Driven by unbridled greed, powerful vested interests manipulated the policies and systems, which were the main reasons for the crisis. Both the developed and developing countries vowed to take steps to prevent the repeat of such a crisis.

Unfortunately the apparent return to ‘business as usual’has belied these hopes. Can we afford to gloss over the ills of the past? ‘Caux Initiatives of Business (CIB)’ has decided to focus on this challenge during its next Annual Conference.

  • Is economic growth not possible with fiduciary proprietary!
  • Is it possible for one to prosper and still live by ones values!
  • Is preserving our environment incompatible with industrial growth!

The Conference will focus on the theme:

Balancing Economic Growth and Human Responsibility

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2009 CIB Programmes

Mr Rajeev Dubey, India, President (HR, After-Market & Corporate Services) & Member of the Group Management Board of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. will deliver the Caux Lecture  at the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy conference. He will speak on: "Transforming Capitalism with Trust and Integrity - what Corporates and Companies can do."   

2007 CIB Programmes

In addition to the two major international conferences, CIB conducted several public events in 2007

May 2007
Public Lecture in Melbourne, Australia
‘The Spiritual Dimensions of Philanthropy’ Speaker: Denis Tracey, Deputy Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Philanthropy & Social Investment
Lecture Details |Text of Speech

June 2007
CIB is represented at the Dalai Lama Business Lunch in Sydney, Australia
Event Details

June 2007
CIB meets with the Business Council of Papua New Guinea
About PNG Business Council

July 2007
Public Lecture in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
‘Nation Building through Transparency, Accountability and Integrity’ Speaker: Tunku Abdul Aziz, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General, Founded Transparency International in Malaysia
Event Details

July 2007
International Conference, Caux, Switzerland
‘Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy’
See Conference Report

September 2007
Public Lecture in Melbourne, Australia
The Power of Story’
Speaker: Arnold Zable, Author, Writer and Commentator
Event Details

November 2007
Public Lecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
‘Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy’
Speaker: Mohan Bhagwandas, International Coordinator, CIB
Event Details

November 2007
International Conference, Panchgani, India
‘Asia’s Relevance in a Globalised World’
See Conference Report

November 2007
Meeting with JADE in Brussels
‘European Confederation of Junior Enterprises’ 20,000 Members across Europe
JADE Information JADE Website (

December 2007
Book Launch in Netherlands
Book Title: ‘Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy’
About the Book

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About Our Conference Centres

Caux, Switzerland - In 1946 a group of Swiss citizens believed Initiatives of Change (then known as MRA) had a role to play in bringing healing and reconciliation to a Europe torn apart by war. Some 100 Swiss citizens got together and made huge financial sacrifices to put down the first instalment payments for a old hotel which had been used as a refugee camp during the war. For instance, one family decided not to build a new house; a maid gave all her savings. Thus the Caux Palace Hotel was acquired and has been a centre for spiritual renewal, healing and reconciliation for the last sixty years.

Asia Plateau, Panchgani - International conferences are held at Asia Plateau, Panchgani in Western India, a beautiful hill station conference centre surrounded by the western hills of India. A training programme is currently taking place under the auspices of the Centre for Training in Ethical Leadership (CENTREL) and the IC Centre for Governance based in Delhi. For over 30 years Indian business houses have sponsored thousands of staff and management personnel to attend Effective Living and Leadership courses at Asia Plateau.


Caux Initiatives for Business (CIB) encourages business leaders, young professionals, NGO representatives, trade unionists, experts and decision makers to work together to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of values - in personal conduct and in economic life.

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